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Things I Have Learned from Being an Escort

November 22, 2020

I was not happy with myself when I first started working as an escort. It’s not like I wanted this job anyway. I only took it to pay for my tuition. So, I didn’t have any reason to be pleased with it. I had little confidence in my looks and skills. Instead of building a positive self-image, all I focused on was the negative perception surrounding me. What I didn’t know, however, is that this kind of attitude won’t work in the escort industry.

As I was new to the business, I had no idea of what to do. I’d only applied to an online London agency that was hiring girls and within a few days, I got a call confirming I was hired. I began working on low rates and most of the clients didn’t want more than an hour-long appointment with me. But, today, ten years later, I’ve made a lot of money through escorting. Fortunately, I met two other escorts who became my mentors and showed me how things are done. While there have been highs and lows, I’ve undeniably become more mature and confident and I’m now happier and free. Here are some important lessons I’ve learned in the years I’ve been escorting in east London.

1. Some People Will Waste Your Time

As with life, there are people in escorting who only waste your efforts and time. They are those who ask a lot of questions or cancel sessions when you’re ready for them. I’ve learned that you just have to count losses and move on with these types of clients. Over the years, I’ve developed a fine sense of people who’re sincere and those genuine. So, I schedule my time to spend with the right ones.

2. When to Say ‘No’ and ‘Yes’

The ability to say yes or no is important in escorting. Sometimes escorts are afraid of articulating their needs or sticking to their boundaries. But, when one can’t do that, they’ll be frustrated in the escorting business.

Recognizing your limits is important in saying no. Every day, I create my to-do list and also listen to what my gut feeling is telling me about a new situation. Additionally, I also learned to say ‘no’ while respecting my clients and without ruining the mood. This means that I have to be assertive and at times aggressive.

I also learned that saying ‘Yes’ is crucial at times. Putting your ‘Nos’ into perspective will be hard if you can’t say an enthusiastic ‘Yes’. This is why assertiveness is essential in this ability. When you can accept or refuse something appropriately and assertively, you feel empowered.

3. People Are Attracted to Different People

I’d always thought that what we see on TV and in Magazines is what universal beauty means. Therefore, even when I started escorting, I thought that only girls who met those standards would get more clients. This made me so anxious since my body isn’t that perfect. Therefore, I worried that my success would be determined by that beauty standard.

However, I’ve learned that everyone can do sex work since sexual attraction is very diverse and clients are attracted to different people including shy, Russian, curvy, hairy, etc. It’s why escorts offer different services like massage only, or sex or BDSM.

Additionally, I’ve learned to be professional. That means respecting my clients’ wishes as they respect mine. For instance, those who want to remain exclusive or not or those who want other things.